Sunday, 19 April 2009

Autocad Civil 3D 2010 UK version now available

For all UK and Ireland users who are under subscription, the UKIE version of Autocad Civil 3D 2010 is now available to download from the Autodesk subscription site. Here's bits of reminders to help you get started.

If you opt to download your copy from the subscription site, I suggest you install and use the Autodesk Download Manager for quicker downloads and ability to pause/resume. Otherwise, you can always request for the DVDs.

When you get to the download page, you'll see 6 files available but you only need the 3 UK files. The other 3 are US English versions.

After installation, be sure to read the Readme document. I must admit, I sometimes ignore this document (too eager to use the software!). It contains important information for this release.

When you start Civil 3D, you'll be greeted by a welcome screen that contains links to the usual documentations and the new getting started videos which I think are great additions. Some like myself learn a lot quicker through visual than reading materials. At the start of the video, it says “No Audio” (though I can hear the cursor click sound) but have texts to guide you through the videos.

The User Interface Overview will help you find your way around the new interface. This can also be accessed through the Infocenter toolbar.

And don't forget the new features workshop. It can now be accessed in the Infocentre toolbar. “Old” new features for 2008 and 2009 are also available to view in case you skipped any of these releases.

Lastly, download and view Jack Strongitharm's powerpoint presentation on the 2010 UKIE country kit. It discusses installation notes, known limitations, country kit documentation and new contents and reports.

Happy downloading!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Civil 3D 2010 Profile Object Projection

You might already be aware through other Civil 3D blogs the new feature in 2010 - the ability to project objects in plan onto profiles and sections. These objects can be Autocad points, solids, 3d polylines, blocks, MV blocks or Civil 3D points.

One area of application that I see this new feature will be useful is in placing geotechnical investigation boreholes on long sections.

I've tried it on one of our past highway project and used dynamic borehole stick blocks.

This of course won’t do all the work as the dynamic blocks need to be inserted and grip edited manually but will help cut a significant amount of draughting time.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

UK Civil 3D User Group Meeting

Just a quick reminder that the next UK Civil 3D User Group organised by Excitech Ltd will be held on 21 April 2009 at their head office in Enfield, North London.

This is a good opportunity to meet other users, discuss and share information related to Civil 3D. To register and get more details, visit their Civil 3D User Group site.